Our contribution to a more sustainable world

Our commitment to environmental protection is strong and runs through all Packstyle’s activities but we know that what we did yesterday is no longer enough today. That’s why our contribution to sustainability grows day by day to try to achieve important goals, to overcome them and to reach new ones.


There is no planet B

Our GREEN superpowers

Environmental impact

Flexible packaging is the kind of packaging that has a lower environmental impact throughout its life cycle (LCA). A recent study carried out by the German Institute of Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) in Heldelberg found that the carbon footprint of flexible packaging is more than 60% lower than the hard alternatives.

Our GREEN superpowers

GREEN energy

Packstyle’s electricity is supplied by Forgreen group, an energy operator that offers energy from renewable sources, contributing to the development and adoption of sustainable behaviour in companies and individuals.

The lower packaging weight also reduces carbon dioxide emissions during processing, transport and disposal.

Our materials and certifications

Recyclable Film and Recyclable Paper are two of the new products that have become part of the Packstyle family.
The Recyclable Film is made of a single material: polypropylene (PP). The pouch can be reused and at the end of its cycle, it is fully recyclable. Although no adhesives are used, the pouch made of recyclable film can be heat-sealed to ensure the optimal preservation of its content.
The paper used for the Packstyle pouches has been awarded the ATICELCA certification and so the packaging can be recycled completely with paper.
Packstyle also helps you to place on your flexible packaging the official logos to inform about the recyclability of the material so to spread more and more sustainable behaviours and green awareness.

Aticelca certification

Packstyle products are certified Aticelca® 501 which guarantees that the packaging can be recycled entirely with paper.

FSC certification

Packstyle products and packaging use the FSC® certification which ensures that the paper comes from a forest managed in compliance with strict social and economic environmental standards.

EVOH barrier

Packstyle flexible packaging is equipped with EVOH barrier that prevents the permeation of external and internal agents protecting the quality of the products inside.
The use of flexible packaging for food or raw materials from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors will allow a longer conservation.
The zip closure of the Packstyle pouches, that allows you to store food or cosmetics that are not consumed in one time, and the EVOH barrier help to limit waste due to the bad preservation of products.

Short runs = Low waste

With Packstyle you can print a minimum of 50 pouches to avoid waste and you also have the opportunity to quickly change the kind of packaging or the graphics if you need. In addition, our graphic department is available to recommend solutions with small quantities of solvent-free ink.

Our commitment to sustainability is our own relay race, a competition in which each of us makes his own individual contribution to make the team win. It’s a race that involves harmony and synchronicity and the path is long and marked by many goals to which new ones are added day by day. We feel trained to face this challenge and we know that we can also count on your contribution.