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How it works

Create your own packaging

Let your ideas guide you... and the configurator

We have designed a simple and intuitive interface for the configuration of your packaging. We have done this to make the creation process dynamic and fast, accompanying you from the choice of the type of pouch to the loading of your graphics. In just a few steps your shopping cart is ready and you can get on with your work or enjoy a moment of relaxation!

Packstyle SystemGeneric System
Minimum order

50 pcs

Small orders are perfect for an on-demand service or for testing your product.

10.000 pcs

Excessive orders cause high economic effort, full warehouses and unsold products.


6 days

Fast delivery allows better order management, saves money and solves urgent and unforeseen problems.

6-8 weeks

Too long a delivery time is inconvenient for your sales flow, negatively affecting costs and time.

Graphics management


Managing multiple graphics in one order allows you to easily differentiate your products or create limited editions for events and celebrations.

Single graphics

Large orders for each graphic creates significant economic efforts and difficulties in stock management.

Environmental safety

Solventless technologies

Solvent-free products maintain a healthy working environment while protecting the planet.

Common glues

Uncontrolled products could be toxic to workers, consumers and the environment.

We will produce your pouches in record time

Let us turn your ideas into reality with digital printing

You have already saved a lot of time with our configurator and from the moment you check out, we assure you that you will continue to save time. At Packstyle we use digital printing, which allows us to be extremely fast and accurate, in record time! We can ship your order in as little as 6 days.

Do you want to package your product?

Start configuration

Choose how to contain it

select your format

Choose how to protect it

select your material

Choose how to equip it

Select accessories

Make it eye-catching

select the finish

Choose how to tell your story

send us your graphics

Make it yours!

finalise your order

Dip it into its new outfit

fill your envelopes

Show it off to your customers

display it in your space

How can I upload my graphics in Packstyle?
In what format can I upload my graphics?
At what stage can I set up the accessories?
I need to print several pouches with small graphic variations. Can I do it with Packstyle?
How quickly will my order be delivered and can I track it?

do you think we've made it too easy? if we've taken something for granted or if you have any questions, there are plenty of ways to contact us. Discover them all in the dedicated section